Brows Styling Soap 3D

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The eyebrow shaping gel kit naturally gives you well-defined eyebrows. Ideal for shaping the eyebrows, it is used to tame unruly brows and improve the color of the eyebrows. Give your face more radiance with 3D gel

【Natural and complete】 The gel is an eyebrow shaping product, It gives thickness, volume and texture to the eyebrows naturally. This product also nourishes and conditions, thus promoting healthy growth in your eyebrows. The 3D eyebrow gel has a uniform texture, creates natural and perfect 3D eyebrows. Make your makeup more radiant.


【Safe and natural】 This product is made of soft and non-irritating materials. The all-natural and organic formula is designed specifically for the eyebrows. It is free of fragrance, color and foaming agents, so it will not lather, irritate or leave unwanted residue in your eyebrows.

【Long lasting】 This product can be used before using an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder to help make eyebrow makeup last longer. Whether you have sparse eyebrows that need a helping hand or you have darker ones, you can get fluffy and big eyebrows.

【Easy to use】 Dip an angled brush into the brow pomade. Define and fill in the sparse areas of the eyebrows, then blend with a spoolie to smooth out hard lines.


1.Create natural, thicker eyebrows and add shine, volume and texture, nourish and condition.
2.The all natural and organic formula, made of soft and non-irritating materials, can shorten the makeup time.
3. long-lasting waterproof, use before applying an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder.
4.Easy to use, easy to carry, take it wherever you want, make your eyebrows anytime.

1.Please place it in a cool dry place so that infants and young children can not touch too much.
2. Avoid it in the eyes, please wash it with plenty of water if you accidentally do it in the eyes.