Acne Pimple Patch

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The acne removal patch is an innovative treatment that will remove skin tags in a safe and natural way. The medicinal patch offers easy and painless application, leaving you smooth and flawless skin without any discomfort.

The withdrawal patch concentrates the medication directly on the skin label and prevents evaporation for faster and more effective results. It uses a keratolytic action to soften the skin of warts for the removal of warts, so you can remove unsightly warts without the need for expensive surgery.


    • ELIMINATE SKIN IMPURITIES NATURALLY: Each patch is specially formulated with natural hydrocolloid which safely, easily and permanently removes skin marks, acne and even moles
    • FASTER HEALING: It provides a protective barrier on affected skin by protecting it from dirt and bacteria
    • HYGIENIC: Prevents secondary infections by blocking micro dust and germs
    • DOES NOT LEAVE SCARS: Minimizes scars by promoting a humid environment

    • VERY EFFECTIVE: It adheres to the skin and absorbs pus, fluids and impurities directly from the source
    • PRACTICAL: Cost-effective, hassle-free method of surgically removing skin tags
    • COMPLETELY INVISIBLE: The patch has transparent and thin layers so you can use it with makeup
    • SUPERIOR QUALITY: The product is made from a high quality material which is waterproof, non-drying and non-toxic


    • Wash your hands thoroughly before applying the patch
    • The patch should be used on clean, dry skin
    • Remove the protective cover and gently apply the patch, making sure it penetrates the affected area
    • Continue using for a few days, during which time it is recommended to replace the patch every 12 hours
    • After a few days, use a clean towel for personal use to remove the softened surface layers of the skin
    • Repeat the treatment until the imperfection of the skin disappears


    • Ingrédients: hydrocolloïde + acide salicylique
    • Taille: 12 mm / 5,7 mm

    Le forfait comprend:

    • 36 x patchs pour enlever les impuretés de la peau