What countries do you deliver to?

We ship worldwide, but if you have any doubts or special requests, please don't hesitate to contact us at

How long does it take for my order to be shipped from the warehouse?

All orders are managed from the warehouse and taken care of by couriers within 72 to 96 working hours of receipt of the order confirmation. Adriana COSMETICS ™ is headquartered in Italy and has a sorting center in the PRC country from where we ship and where our products are also manufactured.

How many days will I receive my purchase from me?

The estimated delivery time from the delivery time is 5 to 12 working days, Saturday and Sunday being considered to be weekdays.


Exceptions For South American countries (such as Brazil, Argentina, etc.), delivery times in Africa and Russia are different due to the longer delivery times. To be sure of the timing in the cases indicated, contact to receive more information.

Delivery times are estimated times. This means that Adriana COSMETICS ™ is not responsible for delays due to force majeure. For example: technical problems, delays due to couriers who manage the dispatch / sorting, holidays, weather conditions, etc.

How do I know where my package is?

A shipping code will be provided to you in the shipping mail, enter the code to be able to track your order. If you buy more than one item, you will receive a tracking code for each of them, if on delivery you receive only one, do not worry, the rest will surely arrive in the following days. Successful sending mail is sent within 72-96 business hours of your purchase confirmation email, if you haven't received it don't often worry about the system sending multiple emails at the same time puts them in the queue and after sending them we send the next one and so on.

The package seems to have stopped for days, how is it?

Your order from the moment you receive the data to track its shipment is always in motion.

The system that updates the status of orders in the PRC has different times from Italy, depending on the time zone and the shipping method used by them, as soon as the package leaves the PRC, the updates will have place in real time, so we ask you to be patient.

What happens if no one is home to accept the delivery?

If you are not at home to accept delivery of your order, the courier will leave you a notice of attempted delivery, with which you can collect your order, even by delegation. Keep the coupon and go to an SDA office indicated on the postcard that the courier left you.

We remind you that packages must be collected no later than the date indicated on the delivery postcard attempted by the shipping service. If the package is not collected under these conditions, it will be returned to the sender without further communication. Adriana COSMETICS ™ is not responsible if the package must be returned to the warehouse for non-withdrawal by the customer. If the customer decides to request the postponement of the article, Adriana COSMETICS ™ will request a contribution for the shipping costs of 15 € per article. If, on the other hand, the customer opts for a refund, Adriana COSMETICS ™ will refund the amount minus € 15 due to the management fees.

Adriana COSMETICS ™ reminds you that the track code is very important not only to follow and monitor shipping and delivery but also to check if the package is in stock.

If I don't receive the package within the agreed time, what should I do?

If 35 working days have passed and you have not yet received your purchase, please send us an e-mail at and be sure to specify your last name / first name and order number (the four-digit code that you will find in the purchase confirmation email preceded by the "#" symbol). In the subject line of the specific email "Order not received" and we will do our best to assist you. In the rare case of package loss, an immediate refund of the entire amount spent by you will be made or we will seek together the best solution for you.

I bought more than one item but only received one. Why?

Each item is treated individually. This means that each bear has a shipment and therefore a corresponding shipping code. If you have ordered more than one item, you will find a shipping code for each item purchased in the mail sent after 3-5 days after your purchase.

Do I have to pay customs duties?

It may happen that once arrived at the destination, the package is subject to customs controls. Shipments subject to possible customs duties must exceed the value of € 100, in these cases, very rare, there may be customs clearance costs of the order which will be borne by the buyer. These customs fees are calculated based on the declared value of the goods on the invoice and that is why each item is managed and shipped individually even if it is part of the same purchase.

For any other question and clarification, do not hesitate to contact us at